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1. New Client Branding Questionnaire:  


Each client, brand and industry is different. It is my job to get to know all three of these items before jumping into the design process. This is a 10 question pdf that helps us dive deeper into your vision for the brand. Please provide as much detail as possible to make sure we are on the same page from the beginning. This is the most important step and will help the branding process run smoothly. I encourage clients to fill this out before we chat over the phone to ensure that our conversation is the most productive. Please contact me if you have not been provided with the questionnaire. 

2. First Round of Logo Designs


After the questionnaire has been filled out and we have chatted on any remaining items, I will begin the logo design process. Based on your notes and any visual inspiration, I will design 3-5 logo concepts for you to choose from. Three concepts will be unique from each other and I typically throw in a couple more variations of those concepts as well to give some variety. I usually design the initial logos in black & white to start. Colors are unlimited and can complicate this process, so I save color for step 4. Standard turnaround time for this initial process is one week. If you need a rush job, please contact me for availability. Design rush fees may apply. 

3. Logo Revision Process


My goal is to make it hard for you to choose between the three main logo concepts! It is normal, however, for you to have a couple revisions for me on your favorite concept(s). I am happy to revise until we get the logo just right for you. I want you to love your final result! If revisions start to get crazy, we will need to chat and get back on course. If for some reason you are not happy with any of the initial designs (rare, but it can happen), then I will want to regroup/chat and see where we went wrong. From there, I will design one more version based off your new direction. This new, last version normally works out and we can proceed. Note: If you fill out the branding questionnaire in detail, we will avoid this "last resort" step all together ;-)

4. Color! (The FUN Part!)


Black and white logos are cool, but when we add color they come to life! I typically design logos in black and white to start, and then add color after you have chosen a concept. Colors are limitless and can complicate the initial process. There may be some exceptions to this rule though, and I will let you know if that is the case. When applying color to your logo, I consider your answers on the questionnaire + the emotions & meaning certain colors convey. I will give you a couple options to choose from to kick us off and we can always revise from there.  

5. Logo Variations (If Applicable)


Depending on the logo/branding package you purchased, logo variations may be included. Once we have your main logo finalized & the colors applied, it is time for some logo variations. You may need a vertical or horizontal layout of your logo depending on the application. I will provide these. It is always smart to have a stand-alone icon as well for social media etc. If your logo has an icon, I will provide a stand-alone file. Each logo design is different when we get to this step. 

6. Final Files


Yay! Your logo looks AMAZING and you are ready for final files now. I will provide every client with all final files in original vector format (vector format is ideal for printing & in case you need to edit in the future), png files (png files are ideal for web and sometimes print), and jpeg. If you need other file formats, please let me know ahead of time. Final files will be sent through a Dropbox download link. 

What Happens Next?


You may just need a one and done logo design, awesome, I got you. Perhaps you are looking for a little more though! Branding design includes everything visual for your brand and I would love to help you create the whole platform. After the logo design is completed, we can dive into a full color palette (primary & secondary), typography (primary & secondary), brand icons/graphics, business cards, website design, social media assets, marketing materials and more! You will probably want to put all of this into a branding guide as well to make sure your brand stays consistent across the board. Each client is different of course and we can chat on next steps to see what is right for you!



Thank you!

I will be in touch shortly.

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